My name is Abdo and I am from Zagora, a large city surrounded by the desert in the south west of Morocco.  I live in a small village, called Tagounite, 70km south of Zagora. I live together with my family in a large house.

If you wish to experience a different culture and mix with local people you are welcome to visit and stay with me and my family in our home.  The doors of my home are open to everyone. 


Enjoy the beautiful sights and the rural simplicity of my part of the world as well as listen to live traditional music and, of course, feast on home-made Moroccan dishes.  If you have never been to the Sahara desert, let me accompany you along vast stretches of golden sand and over undulating dunes to enjoy the views by day and the stars by night. The desert is a place of beauty and tranquillity.



Contact:                ABDO TALMOUDI                     Tel: +21 2672 729 018 / +21 2606 180 066                    Email: desertpasport@hotmail.fr




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